A dynamic and diversified individual with strengths in technology start-ups, media and management.

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Film Production

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Tamjid Aijazi have a great experience in consultancy specially in SharePoint. Tamjid worked with InfoStrata Solutions, IWIRE company and MBC solution as a SharePoint consultant. Tamjid also provide expert advice to the people in different fields.  


Tamjid Aijazi also belongs with journalism. He wrote several articles in urdu which are published by most read newspaper. Tamjid also engage with different news channel and news web. Tamjid worked in roshni news as a director. 

Start-up Consultancy

Tamjid Aijazi also known as IT expert because of his work in software field. Tamjid is recently work with MiracleTek as a Chief Technology officer. Tamjid also done different programs with news channel on CIA hacking and IT issues.  


Tamjid Aijazi is an experienced producer who has produced multiple films, documentaries and corporate videos. An alumni of New York Film Academy, Tamjid knows how to delivery quality projects within time and budget.